Thanks to our Pancake Chairs – Les Heddle and Rick Easterbrook. They made the arrangements with the Heritage Festival committee, Rick worked with Gilbert Residents to order the food and Les hauled our large supplies (ice chests and grill from Deluxe Rental) and our food to and from Gilbert Residence.

 As always, we could not do this event without the dedication of the Ypsilanti Club Rotarians.
Our Set Up Crew and First Shift Workers
Les Heddle
Rick Easterbrook
Karen Gabrys
Joyce Williams
Ellen Botner
Scott Menzel
Linda Crabtree and Jack Crabtree
Debbie Locke-Daniel and Vince Daniel
Bob Gay
Al Rudisill
Nicloe Sigler
Bill Vollano
John Barr
Doreen Mannino
Our Afternoon Shift and Clean Up Crew*
Bill Vollano
Emma from Interact
Rick Easterbrook*
Karen Gabrys*
Joyce Williams*
Al Rudisill*
Nicole Sigler*
Lewis Ezekiel* and his wife* (due to deliver their baby this week!)
Special thanks to Nicole for picking up the milk at 7 am and dropping off the extra food to Dawn Farm at the end of the day. And to Rick who took supplies back to Gilbert Residence for storage.
Joyce Williams
Linda Crabtree
Les Heddle’s son and grandsons
Thanks also go out to our Sponsor Chairs - Bill Anhut and Jim Nelson. And a special thanks to everyone who reached out to secure a sponsorship!