Dear People of Action, 

Due to the prediction of 43 degree rain this Saturday morning, our spring clean up at the Riverside Arts Center will be POSTPONED until Saturday, April 29 from 9 AM to NOON. Please mark your calendar accordingly! Then check my revised calendar of work days (below), each of which which now includes a rain date!


April 22, 9AM – NOON, Riverside Arts Center Spring Clean Up: POSTPONED  RAIN DATE: April 29

June 3, 9AM-NOON, Riverside Arts Center flower planting and clean-up.  RAIN DATE: June 10

July 15, 9AM-NOON, Riverside Arts Center weeding and clean up.  RAIN DATE: July 22

September 30, 9AM-NOON, Riverside Arts Center fall clean up.  RAIN DATE: October 7


In Rotary Service, 
Cheryl Farmer