Dear People of Action, 
On Monday January 23, 5:30 PM, our guest speaker paramedic Joe Keene will lead HANDS-ON lessons in the application of life-saving first aid principles to gunshot and stab wounds.  You never know when you might be the only one who can stabilize a victim of violence until the ambulance arrives.  Akiba Tucker will lead our meeting at Aubees, 2120 Whittaker Road, in the VIP Room.  Thanks, Akiba!  Joe is equipped with enough fake body parts for up to 20 people to practice on, so plan to invite a friend or neighbor!  These are skills you want to have but hope to never need. 
Our Beer and Cider tasting event was a success!  The snacks were tasty, the tastings mostly delicious ("hoppy" BuzzSaw is perhaps more of an acquired taste!) and the tour was most interesting!  Fast fact:  Arbor Brewing sells their products all over the state, with only about 20% of the beer sold in the Brewery.  We cleared $321.38 for our scholarship fund!  Everyone seemed to have a good time!  The event went nearly an hour later than advertised because people wanted to stay, eat and visit.     
I stand corrected!  Although our MLK Day luncheon at EMU did not go as planned, we did actually have more Rotarians in attendance than I realized, with Jeanice Townsend at table 38 and honorary member Lois Richardson at Table 29.  Perhaps it was better that way, mingling and spreading the word about Rotary, LOL!
Attention, our FIFTH Monday Social Hour on January 30th will begin at 6PM instead of our usual 5:30PM start.  Scott Bland, who volunteered to take the lead on this event, needs a slightly later start time.  He has secured Thompson & Co for us, YUM!  Thanks, Scott!  Remember, those who show up first get to order the hors d'oeuvres!   
I'll see you all when I return on February 13th!
In Rotary Service, 
Cheryl Farmer