Dear People of Action, 
Just a quick reminder that our newest  member Steve Moore is also an expert on Thermal Imaging!  Come to the township Aubrees, 2122 Whittaker Road, today at NOON to find out how this amazing technology can be used in industry to diagnose problems and save money, as well as in the study of tornado life cycles to understand severity and save  lives!  Join us in the VIP Room.  
HEADS UP:  it has been suggested that we CANCEL next Monday's meeting on November 21st at Thompsons, due to proximity to the Thanksgiving holiday.  This sounds good to me, as I will be hosting guests in my home as well as guests for turkey dinner!  We'll discuss it at the meeting today, November 14.  Remember, the decisions are made by the people who show up!
In Rotary Service, 
Cheryl Farmer