Dear People of Action, 
Due to its proximity to the Thanksgiving holiday, next Monday's meeting -  November 21st at Thompsons – has been CANCELLED!  Safe travels, if you are travelling, and let's all be grateful for friends, family, community and the opportunity to live in the world's greatest democracy! 
Steve Moore's presentation on Thermal Imaging last Monday was fascinating!  Graphics showing how cold "flows" around packages in grocery coolers, leading to the development of dangerous food hot spots, was really eye opening.  No doubt the problems this technology revealed led to the recent addition of doors to what had been open cold air displays.  We also got to see the thermal profiles of tornados!
Lucky Bucks to the tune of $12 were collected for DePauw's defeat of Wabash in one of the oldest college football rivalries, Les and Pam's 57th anniversary, the re-election of Jeanice to the Ypsi School Board and John's son Karl Barr's election to Judge!
Things to ponder next:  Shall we have a Rotary Christmas Party on December 19th at 5:30 PM and if so, where?  Monday December 26th there will be no meeting, but shall we resume on January 2?
Happy Thanksgiving to ALL! 
In Rotary Service, 
Cheryl Farmer