Dear People of Action, 
Reminder!  On Monday, October 10th at noon, we will meet in person at the township Aubrees, 2122 Whittaker Road in the VIP Room.  Our guest speakers Jeff Licthy and Mary Sloan from the Clarkston Rotary Club will educate us about the ongoing Rotary Shelter Box program.  Invented by a Rotarian, these boxes bring hope to people who have survived a disaster.  Shelter Boxes contain all the basics to sustain life.  What's in one, you ask?  Come find out!  Alternatively, you can use this ZOOM link:  but it just won't be as much fun!
Our Fifth Monday Halloween Party is coming up, so keep thinking:  Who/what will you come as?  Who will you bring along to share in the fun?   Shall we go back to Thompsons. or go somewhere else?  I know I'M looking forward to it!
In Rotary Service, 
Cheryl Farmer