Dear People of Action, 
High noon, this Monday November 7 at the township Aubrees, don't miss hearing our Assistant District Governor Manish Mehta tell us the interesting story of his International Grants in support of Project Dignity.  These Grants funded the installation of 1300 sanitation systems for rural women in India!  Manish says Les and our recent past District Governor Karen Gabrys were both sponsors for a few years.  They even named some new toilet units in honor of the Ypsilanti Rotary, LOL! So join us at 2122 Whittaker Road in the VIP Room on Monday!
Manish says his talk "would be more visually engaging if I had a digital projector and Internet access to display my slides and videos."  Does anyone have this kind of equipment who would be willing to bring it to our meeting for Manish to use?  Please call or text me at 734-481-1804 if you do!
Although we were all festive for our Halloween Party at Thompson & Co, one member definitely stood out – Akiba Tucker!  Her costume as a beautiful Senorita from the "Day of the Dead" nailed it to the last details of black wire lace fingertips and a dead rose dropping petals.  She was the unanimous winner of the Sanders dark chocolate sea salt carmels!  See our website next week for photos!
In Rotary Service, 
Cheryl Farmer