Dear People of Action, 
I will be your speaker this Monday, February 20 at NOON, in Aubrees VIP Room!  Just back from my first visit to the site of our two recent International Grants, I have a  photo presentation of the progress Paramount Chief Caulker has made toward his dream of education for all children in Bumpeh Chiefdom, Sierra Leone!  Please join me!  Aubrees is located at 2122 Whittaker Road.
Tragedy struck our Assistant District Governor Dr. Manish Mehta when his beloved and accomplished wife Varsha died this past Thursday at U of M Hospital from an aggressive form of cancer.  Here are links to her obituary and to events honoring her memory:  (1)     (2)
We enjoyed hearing from Monica Prince, long time Director of programs at the Ypsilanti Senior Center, last Monday.  Inter-generational programming is the new fad, but in Ypsi we have been doing it for years!  Arts, dancing, you name it – the kids enliven the senior scene while seniors add a layer of connection and stability for the kids.  Per our plan, Monica and all speakers this year will receive a letter of thanks and notification that a book has been given to the new Superior Township Branch of the Ypsilanti District Library in their honor.
Looking ahead, Monday February 27 at 5:30 PM will be a Club Assembly where we plan new events to entertain and strengthen our community while also raising the money needed to make good things happen!  This being the city's Bicentennial Celebration, we will tie in to our history wherever possible.
Then on March 6th at NOON, Matt McDonnell from the County Road Commission will join us for a conversation about the roads and bridges in Washtenaw County!  Save the date and plan to bring a friend! 
Imagine Collaboration at our Annual District Conference May 5-7, 2023  Our Rotary District 6380 annual conference will be held jointly with District 6400 this year at Caesars in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  RI President Jennifer Jones, our FIRST EVER FEMALE PRESIDENT, will be a guest speaker - hailing as she does from Windsor!  I'm going, are you?  Register Today!
In Rotary Service, 
Cheryl Farmer