Dear People of Action,  

I will be your speaker this Monday, February 27 at 5:30 PM, in Aubrees VIP Room! The photo presentation from my first ever visit to the site of our two recent International Grants in Sierra Leone has now been completed. The problem was, the free version of PowerPoint I had used 4 years ago is no longer supported. When I tried to use it last week, it froze up before I finished, never to work again! Now I have a new system installed, which my friend Lis Knibbe helped me struggle with. Don't you just hate the front end of a learning curve? I do!  Anyway, please join me for a look at the progress Paramount Chief Caulker has made, with Rotary assistance,  toward his dream of education for all children in Bumpeh Chiefdom.  Aubrees is located at 2122 Whittaker Road.

Our Club Assembly last Monday saw $7 raised from Lucky Bucks and $2 from pin fines. We discussed our ideas for future projects highlighting Ypsilanti's Bi-Centennial year, from participation in the 4th of July Parade, to hosting a 3 Museum "history sampler" tour ending with an ice cream social, to re-enacting a mail run from Detroit to Ypsilanti along the old Potawatomi Trail/ Great Sauk Trail/Chicago Post Road by stagecoach. We have a tentative date for a pancake breakfast in August, if the Bi-centennial Committee (now under new leadership) still plans an August event. Stay tuned! In addition, Al moved and Jim seconded a motion at the meeting to donate $100 to the International Rotary Foundation in memory of Varsha Mehta, beloved wife of our Assistant District Governor Dr. Manish Mehta. Approved unanimously.

Looking ahead, on March 6th at NOON, Matt McDonnell from the County Road Commission will join us for a conversation about the roads and bridges in Washtenaw County!  Save the date and plan to bring a friend! 

Don't forget to sign up for  Imagine Collaboration at our Annual District Conference May 5-7, 2023  This is our annual Rotary District 6380 conference, to be held jointly with District 6400 this year at Caesars in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  RI President Jennifer Jones, our FIRST EVER FEMALE PRESIDENT, hails from Windsor and will be a guest speaker. Want to be a part of the fun? Use this easy link.  Because this is a joint conference between two Districts, with District 6400 as the lead, we the members of District 6380 must click on the GUEST BUTTON in order to sign up.

In Rotary Service, 
Cheryl Farmer