Update from the President, 10/21/2022

Dear People of ACTION, 
Ele's Place is a healing center where grieving children, teens and young adults find help through weekly peer-to-peer support groups.  There are four branch locations in Michigan: Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Flint and Lansing.  Hannah Brown from the Ann Arbor location will speak to us next Monday at our evening meeting, 5:30 – 6:30 PM, at the township Aubrees, 2122 Whittaker Road, Ypsilanti.  Learn more about this relatively new and hugely valuable resource!  There may be someone you love who could benefit, now or in the future!  Join us in person in the VIP Room, or ZOOM in with this
Last Monday, our "educational Rock Star" Al Rudisill brought in a record crowd of 15 eager listeners for his talk on the development of programs in technology and engineering!  His career spanned 40 years and 3 Universities.  Al pioneered and developed a system for hands-on teaching which he sold across the country.  He invented a lectern from which everything could be controlled:  lights, sound, slides.  Al developed and promoted the concept of the open lab, where students, having proven they understood the safety protocols, could drop in any time they didn't have class and continue learning at their own pace. He sold thousands of the organizational and administrative forms he developed for high school Industrial Arts teachers, and spoke at conferences and workshops in 35 states.  Al started the coating research institute and computer training programs at EMU.  He was also the Director of the accrediting agency for the National Association of Industrial Technology for 23 years.  Thanks, Al for sharing your lifetime of learning and teaching adventures!  Your many accomplishments are truly inspiring!
Our next ACTION opportunity is SEND HUNGER PACKING!  Sponsored by the Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor North and Ann Arbor West Rotary Clubs, this project involves setting up assembly lines to package the ingredients for 30,000 "one pot" meals to help reduce local and international food insecurity.  Boiling the contents of each packet provides 6 meals for adults or 12 meals for children.  Volunteers will meet in the cafeteria of Pioneer High School on Saturday November 5th from 9 – 11 AM.  Plan to attend, and bring a friend or family member!  Teens looking for community service hours, or just looking to make a difference, are especially welcome to join in!  For further details, go to www.a2rotary.org/sendhungerpacking
In Rotary Service, 
Cheryl Farmer