Dear People of Action, 
This Monday, October 10th at noon, we meet back at the township Aubrees, 2122 Whittaker Road in the VIP Room.  Our guest speakers will be Jeff and Mary Lichty who will tell us all about Shelter Box.  These boxes are survival kits for people who have experienced a disaster.  Invented by a Rotarian and continued by an ever-growing number of Rotarians around the world, Shelter Boxes sustain life and bring hope to people who have lost everything. Please join us!
Last Monday's meeting was a field trip to the Back Office Studio (BOS) with box lunches.  What a beautiful space, with exposed brick, colorful art, lots of light and smiling faces!  Our Host Kristin Danko taught us about co-working and showed us the many ways in which the thoughtfully re-designed interior of a building from the 1800's now serves modern needs.  Fun Fact:  Les's Branch Office Manager Kim Hortney is married to one of the muralists whose art was featured on the walls at BOS!  You can see our group photo in front of the mural on the website.
October has 5 Mondays, and the 5th lands on Halloween!   So by popular demand, our 5th Monday social hour with spouses, significant others and friends interested in learning more about Rotary will be a COSTUME PARTY!  Start thinking about who you want to be, important or silly, and begin assembling that outfit! Princess?  Pirate?  Dignitary?  Wild animal?  Get your imagination working!
In Rotary Service, 
Cheryl Farmer