It's the time of year to begin the process of selecting our next District Governor Nominee (Governor 2017-18), to follow DGE Henry Dotson, 2015-16 and DGN Michael Angelo Caruso, 2016-17.

Qualifications include being a regular member of a club in the District and have a classification whose integrity is without question. Candidates must have served as a Club President for a full term, and demonstrate willingness, commitment, and ability to fulfill the duties of the office of Governor as provided in the RI By Laws.  Candidates must also demonstrate knowledge of the qualifications, duties and responsibilities of Governor.

These are more fully contained on pages 19 to 22 of the current 2013 Manual of Procedure, which you can easily download and read by Google: Rotary Manual of Procedure 2013.

Nominations will be accepted by me until December 31, 2014. Candidates nominated will be interviewed by the District Nominating Committee, and a candidate named as our District Governor Nominee Designate, to be confirmed at the District Conference. Attached is the nomination form to be completed by the candidate and candidate's club.

Coach Don Riddell
Governor 2014-15
District 6380
Past District Governor 2012-13
Troy Rotary Club